Ale House 1890 and The Hocking Hills

There is so much to be gained by looking into the past.  It is one of the many rare occasions where you can see the action and reaction simultaneously.  We learn from historical instances to better our future but we also cherish those instances as they have shaped and molded us into what we are today.  Ale House 1890 of Lancaster Ohio is one of those rare occasions where the past and present harmoniously intertwine and deliver an unforgettable experience that you may revisit time and time again!  If you are lucky enough to the pay South Eastern Ohio and the “Majestic Hocking Hills” a visit, you will want to add Historic Downtown Lancaster to your “Vacation Bucket List”.  Reveling among 2 centuries of historic architecture Ale House 1890 is an establishment you’ll want to visit any time of the year.  With its excellent selection of craft beers and array of cleverly concocted cocktails there is no shortage of creativity compounded with a sense of history that’s hard to believe.  Standing 3 stories tall with a total capacity of 260 guests, Ale House 1890 was officially established in July of 2014.  I was lucky enough to meet and discuss a little history with one of Ale House 1890’s Owners and Visionary Matt Brady.  By the end of our short time together I walked away with a century’s worth of historical knowledge along with a more than satisfied palette.  Mr. Brady has made it his endeavor to preserve what “once was” and understands why it’s important to pay homage to the cornerstones on which we build our future pillars upon.  Ale House 1890 encompasses a sense of meaning and righteousness by utilizing and reclaiming most of the 3 story structure’s original building materials.  Original reclaimed floor joists have been reconstructed and re-fabricated into what is now the dining room furniture.  Imagine enjoying a refreshing afternoon beverage atop a table created from a floor joist of the pre-civil war era!  “We wanted to give our guests a refreshing atmosphere while preserving the history of our past and where we came from” Says Mr. Brady.  Among the vintage pressed tin ceilings and raw exposed bricks sparsely textured with plaster that’s older than your folks; you find a warm and welcoming dining experience that you might have found in the mid to late eras of the 1800’s.  If you happened to be among the residents of Downtown Lancaster Ohio in the late 1800’s you might have also known Ale House 1890’s predeceasing establishments.  The structure is composed of what was once known as J.M. Naughton’s Saloon followed by Jerry Maher’s and Grilli’s Minute Bar dating back to the year 1890.  It also encompasses its eastern counterpart of the structure which use to be known as A-Baughman and Sons Grocer and Baker which took shape in the early 1850’s.  As previously stated, Mr. Brady has expressed an utter importance in paying homage to the past and he has implicated this in such a retro nostalgic fashion.  As if reclaiming most of the original materials to mold his vision wasn’t enough, he decided to take it a step further by exposing the predeceasing store fronts and displaying them in the form of large historical murals that grace themselves tastefully in his dining room.  These acts of preservation are unprecedented and truly show his dedication and respect of history.  Ale House 1890 is a breath of much needed nostalgia in a very digital era.  During the summer Brady plans to rear his innovation once more and go full analog.  The outdoor patio with a capacity of 70 guests will be able to enjoy each and every night next to the communal fire pit while listening to live music.  The patio has been purposely wired in order to feature its very own personal venue for live musical acts.  With an extensive and imaginative beverage list, a creative selection of entrees that are moderately priced, live entertainment under the stars all whilst marveling in a mountain of history; I would have to say our forefathers would be more than pleased.  Alehouse 1890 welcomes all friends and family to join them for a very rewarding experience that is, and always will, remain nothing short of timeless.

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