Spring Activities in Hocking Hills

Spring! The sun is still out when you get off of work, the winter chill is leaving the air, and you are starting to wake up to the happy chirping of birds outside your window. With blankets of wildflowers and rushing waterfalls, the spring renewal in Hocking Hills is one of Ohio’s most beautiful sights. Here are the top spring activities in Hocking Hills.

Viewing Wildflowers

From late March through early June, Hocking Hills is awash in color! Wildflowers are everywhere—nearly 300 species of them—covering wide open fields, popping up unexpectedly on rock walls, and peeking through the forest undergrowth. For some of the best wildflower viewing, hit the trails in Hocking Hills State Park. There, you will be treated to glimpses of violets, columbines, Virginia bluebells, wild blue phlox, pink lady slippers, and much, much more. Learn more about Ohio’s Spring Wildflowers at the state Department of Natural Resources website.

Hunting Morel Mushrooms

For foodies, springtime means mushrooms! Morels are some of the first mushrooms of the season, appearing in late March and lasting through early May. You can head to an upscale grocery store, where you will pay upwards of $20 a pound for these treasures, or you can come to Hocking Hills and pick them yourself. For more information about how to find, identify, and cook morel mushrooms, see our morel mushroom hunting guide.

Bird Watching

Hocking Hills is an ideal spot to watch birds on their annual spring migration. Every May, the local state parks, including Hocking Hills State Park, host events for International Migratory Bird Weekend. Come join bird watching enthusiasts from all over the country at this special time.

Admiring Waterfalls

Spring is the best time to view Hocking Hills’ signature waterfalls. The winter snows are melting, which means the cascading waterfalls are at their most impressive. You can glimpse these spectacular falls on a hike through many of the areas of Hocking Hills State Park.

 Cedar Falls

Spending Time Outdoors

Of course, you can head outside at any time of year, but spring is when many of the top Hocking Hills outdoor attractions open for the season. The area’s ziplines, considered some of North America’s best, start running in March and April, the swimming pool at Hocking Hills State Park opens on Memorial Day, and campgrounds throughout the region start to fill up.

Spring also brings the first events of festival season, including the Nelsonville Music Festival, which in the past has featured national headliners including Wilco and Willie Nelson, and the Duck Creek Log Jam, a “genuine, home grown, off-the-beaten-path music festival set in Ohio’s most scenic region.” The festivals really start swinging in the summer and continue through harvest time in the fall. Whether you enjoy hiking, fishing, adrenaline-filled adventures, or just relaxing by the pool, southeast Ohio is the place to be outdoors in spring.

Start planning your spring getaway to Hocking Hills today. Our rental cabins are perfect for everything from a romantic couple’s retreat to a family vacation, to a large family reunion. We look forward to seeing you in Hocking Hills.