Hocking Hills State Parks

The Hocking Hills State Parks are chock full of scenic wonder and beauty. It’s beauty is comprised of one of the most diverse tree populations in North America, as well as cliffs, gorges, rock formations, and waterfalls. This extreme topography is due to the Blackhand Sandstone which has been carved by the freeze, thaw and flow of water over thousands over years. In addition to the seven state parks listed below, the area also includes Hocking Hills State Forrest, Little Rocky Hollow State Nature Preserve, Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserve, Kessler Swamp State Nature Preserve, portions of Wayne Nation Forrest, and Rockbridge State Nature Preserve. The area was first named by the Shawnee Indian Tribe who called it Hockhocking which roughly translates to “bottle neck” describing the narrow creek that feeds the upper falls of Old Man’s Cave. If you have the time we highly recommend visiting Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave, Rock House, Conkle’s Hollow, Cantwell Cliffs, and Clear Creek Metro Park. If not, we will gladly welcome you on your next visit to the Hocking Hills.