Ash Cave – Hocking Hills

Ash Cave, located in the Hocking Hills State Park, is named for large amounts of ashes that early settlers discovered in the cave. These settlers believed that Native Americans used Ash Cave for shelter and that the resultant ashes were from the campfires. Ash Cave was also used by early Hocking Hills settlers as a temporary church.

Ash Cave is also the largest recess cave in Ohio and measures nearly 700 feet from end to end, by 100 feet deep from front to rear, and 90 feet high from floor to roof. The horseshoe-shaped Ash Cave is in the southern portion of the Hocking Hills State Park and those hiking to the cave approach through a tree-lined gorge and valley floor rich with native wildflowers. A tributary of the East Fork of Queer Creek, which created Ash Cave, still flows over the rim forming a pool below.

Visitors to Ash Cave will note that the cave is not only enormous size but also possesses incredible acoustic qualities. Ash Cave offers Picnic facilities, as do many Hocking Hills State Park tourist attractions. In addition, the trail to Ash cave is handicap accessible.

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