Clear Creek Metro Park

The Clear Creek Metro Park, part of the Franklin County Metro Parks system, is one of the most pristine and secluded natural areas in Central Ohio. The Clear Creek Metro Park extends the length of the Clear Creek Valley which itself extends from the intersection of Clear Creek with the Hocking River in the East to the town of Revenge, Ohio in the West.

Clear Creek Metro Park is unique in that is is the product of overlapping of geological and climactic zones. The Clear Creek Valley is the product of centuries of glacial flooding which cut the valley through the surrounding Black Hand sandstone. This ongoing erosion process has also created an array of cliffs and rugged rock formations which overlook the Clear Creek.

Clear Creek’s geographic and climactic variation has created unique habitats for more than 1,200 native plant species. Visitors to the Clear Creek Metro Park’s 15 plus miles of trails may see common animals such as turkey, deer, grouse, coyote, and black vultures or even see the traces of the much less common beaver and bobcat.

Clear Creek Metro Park is a mix of the prairies of the west and the Appalachian forests of the east. Forested areas range from Canadian hemlocks and ferns, to oak and hickory, to Ohio’s last remaining colonies of rhododendron. Noteworthy area plantlife includes: mountain laurel, little gray polypody, maidenhair ferns, horsetail, pink ladyslipper, skunk cabbage, witch hazel, American chestnut, and persimmon trees.

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