All You Need to Know about Clear Creek Metro Park

Clear Creek is not an actual creek as it is located in Ohio, which is thousands of miles away from the sea. The place has got its name from the unique natural settings that resemble that of a sea creek but comprise of freshwater water body that is a tributary of the Hocking River. Clear Creek Metro Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ohio.

What makes Clear Creek Metro Park a unique tourist attraction is its remoteness and the presence of rich flora and fauna. The park is located in a rural valley in Alleghany Plateau and can be accessed through a paved road. Nature lovers are particularly fond of the fact that the valley is home to over 1,200 species of plants.

Over 150 species of birds, insects and animals also call the Clear Creek home. You will be surprised by the diversity of birds alone, some of which are permanent inhabitants while others are seasonal visitors. Eastern bluebirds, black vultures and warblers abound the area and it is not uncommon to spot wild turkeys and great blue heron in the wilds as well.

The topography of Clear Creek Metro Park resembles the rest of Hocking Hills. There is hardly any plain expanse as the area is dotted with ravines, rock formations, cliffs and caves. The geographical uniqueness has provided excellent conditions for the flora and fauna where the greener areas play host to oak forests while fern grows on the drier side of the valley. There is no dearth of water bodies as many streams cut through the rugged landscape.

The best way of exploring the area is to take a hike. Many trails lead through the valley with varying degrees of accessibility. Family-friendly trails lead to lakes and rock formations whereas adventurers can go to the tougher trails up the cliffs and down the ravines. There are many rest areas to facilitate the visitors.

No trip to Clear Creek Metro Park would be complete without fishing or hunting. The park administration offers hunting licenses for deer during the peak season. Fishing permits are also available and are put to full use by the visitors.

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