Ash Cave

Want to experience a combination of adventure and spirituality? Ash Cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Hocking Hills State Park. The recess cave, with its unique structure that is open from three sides and a waterfall cutting through the façade, has long remained a pilgrimage site.

The end-to-end measurement is 700 feet and the horseshoe cave is 100 feet deep if one measures from front to rear. Shawnee Indians inhabited the place and used it as a sanctuary, prayer area and hunting ground. The cave itself has derived its name from the tons of ashes from bygone era, indicating the place was once a smelting ground or a mine.

Nested in the southern part of Hocking Hills, Ash Cave attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. They are treated with the visual wonder of sunlight filtering through the cascading waterfall and drawing patterns on the cave’s floor. The cave is surrounded by beech trees and other varieties of hardwood.

The waterfall is but only one landmark at Ash Cave. The place is teeming with wonders. There are hiking trails leading to the heart of the cave where you can explore the ancient markings and artifacts, still preserved in the ashes of time. Don’t forget to put the acoustic qualities of the cave to test – your whispers will be heard by people on the other end of the complex.

It is a running joke in the Hocking Hills that one could hear the verbal spat being made between a man and wife in other part of the cave while standing hundreds of feet away from it. The reality is different though as the acoustics are not as great in the cave.

Meandering through the wooded trails towards the cave complex, you will find many wonders of nature. Streams and waterfalls dot the space and there are many angling, hiking and camping opportunities. Rock climbing is another popular activity especially for beginners as the climb is not as challenging as you will find at other places.

The hiking trail to Ash Cave is handicap accessible and has all the necessary facilities such as restrooms, picnic spots and tourist information kiosks. The trail is also safe for children as one does not need to negotiate steep curves or cragged rocks. It is possible to access the facility in winter as the trail is kept in pristine condition. Many make it a point to visit the place during winter in order to catch a glimpse of the frozen waterfall.

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