Clear Creek Metro Park

Clear Creek Metro Park is one of Ohio’s many secret paradise retreats. It is a park full of life, flora, fauna and wildlife and is a fantastic place to visit. Located near Revenge, Ohio, the park stretches from the confluence of Clear Creek and Hocking River, right up to Revenge and has been a park since 1996.

This lustrous habitat is made possible because it joins prairie land in the west to Appalachian lands to the east. Forest meets prairie, with all the geological features that mountain foothills add to the equation. That includes the cliffs and gorges, rock formations that makes Hocking Hills so popular.

Clear Creek Metro Park is some 5000 acres in size, which includes miles of trails and the creek itself. Within the park you can often spot deer, coyotes, bobcats, turkeys, black vultures and ruffed grouse. There are also 800 species of plants and 150 different types of birds that call the park home. Time your visit accordingly to see each in its seasonal splendor.

The creek valley had been carved over millions of years by glaciers and water erosion. The Blackhand sandstone that is dominant in the area is particularly susceptible to erosion, which is why Hocking Hills as a whole has such a fascinating range of rock formations.

Clear Creek Metro Park is very popular with bird watchers as it contains a wide variety of species. Fishing is also popular here as the creek provides plenty of sport for those who like the sport. Hiking is also very well served, with miles of trails winding through and around the park itself.

Trails in and around Clear Creek Metro Park include; Creekside Meadow Trail, Cemetery Ridge Trail, Fern Trail, Hemlock Trail, Chestnut Trail, Prairie Warbler Trail, Tulip Tree Trail and Lake Trail.

To get to Clear Creek Metro Park, take the U.S. 33 south from Lancaster to Clear Creek Road. Turn right onto Clear Creek Road and you will begin to see the picnic and parking facilities that serve the park.

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