Highlights of the Hocking Hills Area

Hocking Hills is one of the most interesting and feature-rich areas of Ohio. With several State Parks, State Forests, nature preserves and geological features, the area is the outdoor lovers perfect haven.

Hocking Hills is located in Southeastern Ohio, in Hocking County. The area is predominantly sandstone, locally known as “Blackhand sandstone” thanks to some ancient Native American handprints found in the area. Sandstone is very susceptible to erosion and the plentiful streams and rivers in the county have formed their own channels over millennia.

Those channels have turned into valleys, gorges, fabulous waterfalls and wild rivers. We have a huge range of water features in Hocking Hills, including Hocking River and several lakes. These make for an excellent variety of watersports as well as naturalist pursuits.

Highlights of Hocking Hills include:

  • Hocking Hills State Park
  • Hocking State Forest
  • Lake Logan State Park
  • Wayne National Forest
  • Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve
  • Sheick Hollow State Nature Preserve
  • Little Rocky Hollow State Nature Preserve
  • Rockbridge State Nature Preserve
  • Clear Creek Metro Park
  • Tar Hollow State Park
  • Tar Hollow State Forest

That’s a lot of features for such a small area!

Each of these highlights is within a few miles of each other, making the area and each individual park or forest easy to navigate. If you don’t want to drive, many of them are connected to each other through hiking trails, including part of the Buckeye Trail, The North Country Scenic Trail and the American Discovery Trail. The North Country Scenic Trail traverses the country north to south and the American Discovery Trail goes from coast to coast east to west.

As the state owns much of the county, the natural wilderness should be protected from development and ruin by future generations. That should ensure the future of this natural playground. Most, if not all, of these highlights are also free to enter and provide recreational facilities for all to use.

Many of the parks and forests have campgrounds, RV parks, hunting and fishing areas and activity specific amenities. If it’s done outdoors, you can do it here.

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