The Buckeye Trail

The Buckeye Trail is a 1,444 mile trail that loops around Ohio and is broken up into 24 stages to make it more approachable. If there was one way to see the best of the state on foot, this is it. The trail is maintained by The Buckeye Trail Association, a group of volunteers who work hard preserving the trail, maintaining it and lobbying on its behalf.

The Buckeye Trail is all about following the Blue Blazes. The trail is signposted with small blue flames that signify you’re on the right track. That makes it easy to keep on the trail and helps prevent getting lost. Some areas of the trail are missing their blue blazes and others have faded over the years, but they are still discernible if you look hard enough.

Three elements of The Buckeye Trail, New Straitsville, Old Man’s Cave and Scioto Trail pass through our very own Hocking Hills. These are personal favorites and we often see locals as well as visitors hiking on a weekend.

The New Straitsville part of The Buckeye Trail passes through Wayne National Forest, the only National Forest in the state. The Old Man’s Cave section of The Buckeye Trail passes through Lake Logan State Park, Hocking State Forest, Conkle’s Hollow, Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls and Ash Cave. That is most of our natural wonders all in one trail!

The Scioto Trail section of The Buckeye Trail traverses the Tar Hollow State Forest, which is another local highlight. In fact, walking The Buckeye Trail is probably the best way to take in as much of Hocking Hills in one go as it is to take in Ohio.

Moving on from Hocking Hills, The Buckeye Trail passes onto the American Discovery trail. That trail links 15 states from the east to west coasts. It also crosses the North Country National Scenic Trail, which does the same across 7 states North to South.

The Buckeye Trail should be on every hikers bucket list. It’s length is challenging, terrain perfect for hiking. The scenery is often breathtaking and it passes close to towns and settlements so you never run out of supplies. While it might not have purpose built facilities like many other trails, you’re never far from a hotel or motel.

If you’re walking the Hocking Hills section of The Buckeye Trail, you’re going to need somewhere to rest. Our very own Old Man’s Cave Chalets are ideal. They are rustic on the outside, traditional on the inside but contain all the comforts of home. Take the weight of your feet in style is a high quality, low cost cabin in Hocking Hills.

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