Types of Accommodation at Ash Cave

Ash Cave is one of those places that are on the priority list of hundreds of thousands of tourists. The recess cave – the largest in Ohio – is not located in a metropolitan area. Its remote location, however, has not deterred those who want to explore its iconic landscape and take a dip in the cascading waterfall. The entire Hocking Hills region is a tourist paradise offering many wonders of nature.

Are you planning a visit to Ash Cave and worried about lodging? There are many misconceptions about Hocking Hills. Some say that it is only good for campers and adventurers and the rest should not bother spending a night in the wilderness. This cannot be further from the truth as the state park has one of the finest lodgings in Ohio.

You can stay at one of these accommodations while in Ash Cave or other attractions of Hocking Hills.


What is more romantic than spending a weekend with your loved one in fully decorated cottages? The accommodation has been built while keeping the needs of couples and small families in mind. The exterior of these cottages merges with the overall landscape with hues of brown and green. The structure itself is largely wooden with contemporary plumbing and décor.

Interiors come with comfy king and queen size beds, couches, sofas and fireplaces. The bathrooms are spacious and come with hot and cold water lines and bath tubs. Some cottages have Jacuzzis and swimming pools that offer the ultimate of luxury. Central heating and Internet is available in the cottages.


Lodges can accommodate 10 to 20 people and come equipped with all modern amenities of life. You will be particularly impressed with the exterior of the lodges that is a mix of contemporary and traditional construction. A mountainous lodge with heavy use of wood in exterior and interior make for plush living.

The interiors do not disappoint either as there are wooden floors, multiple bedrooms, plenty of bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, garages and storage spaces. Some lodges have sauna and Jacuzzis installed in them while others have open swimming pools.

A-frame Cabins

The perfect lodging around Ash Cave is available at our A-frame cabins. A-frame is the unique structure that resembles the first alphabet of English language. A-frame cabins are one- or two-story houses that come with one to three bedrooms, bathrooms, central heating, satellite TV and Internet.

Log Homes

Families in rural locations have long preferred to live in log homes. These are larger than cottages and are built almost exclusively with wood. Modern log homes come with all modern facilities of life including central heating, satellite TV and the Internet and can easily accommodate up to 10 people.

We offer a wide range of  cabins ranging from cottages to log homes and top that off with amazing discounts and complimentary facilities. It’s no wonder we’re a favorite location within Hocking Hills. Contact us if you want a reservation.